Other than the obvious...Being an adult in the real world working a 9-5 just to pay the bills when I would rather...
  1. Publicist for a broadcasting network
    Seriously, can I work for MTV or BET already?
  2. Reality star
    My life is already like a reality show, if people can watch my snapchat stories then I'm convinced they would totally watch my new show on E! Or Bravo or Vh1...
  3. Professional BFF to a A list Celeb or Niece to a rich uncle
    Wealth by association, I would be set for life! If I was BFFs with Rihanna or the niece of Russell Simmons either would fund me for my entrepreneurial endeavors including but not limited to: my clothing line, my wig line, shoe deal,book deal, another way to get a reality show...I could just make money just by purely existing and getting endorsements. Lol
  4. Zoologist
    I love animals but science is hard
  5. Paleontologist
    Because the land before time is one of my favorite movies and I will forever love dinosaurs
  6. Hypeman
    I could totally be someone's hype woman and MC on the regular basis but obviously someone famous enough to make $$
  7. Paid blogger/tweeter
    I know this is possible and attainable but when you have to be at work for 8 hours how do you carve out the time to get paid for your thoughts or for your tweets. Working on this stand by!