These are things that keep my body hydrated, naturally beautiful and fully functioning. These are things I could not live without.
  1. Cocoa butter lotion
    I've had scars on my legs and stretch marks using cocoa butter daily reduced their appearance like they were never there.
  2. Water
    Believe it or not, water is good for you. Shocking I know. By drinking a lot of water you can keep your skin hydrated also, helping to reduce stretch marks and also helps hydrate your muscles and helps hair grow as well.
  3. Aloe Vera juice
    I get mad heartburn and acid reflux. I woke up in the middle of the night once with excruciating heartburn I didn't have water all I had was also Vera juice. In less than 3 sips my heartburn was gone. I've used this every time since and it cures me every time. If you think about it, when people get sunburnt they use aloe Vera lotion. So clearly Aloe Vera is a major key on its own. 🔑
  4. Coconut oil
    You can cook with it, use it for your hair, skin and as a lubricate. Thank me later.
  5. Black soap
    I've had acne all my life and tried so many products. I can now say that since I've recently discovered black soap, I pretty much use it on my face daily in the shower. My skin is clearer and brighter! Black soap helps with all my dark spots and blemishes also reduces my acne overall. It's great and my skin looks good and brighter. #Flawless
  6. Oregano Oil
    Supplements are good, serves as a natural antibiotic and antifungal, take a pill or apply on skin, you'll protect your immune system and avoid getting sick!
  7. Tea tree oil
    Also a really good anti-fungal but more importantly it helps with dandruff or dryness or the skin. At least for me, that's how I use it! Go hydrate your scalp l, protect your edges and thank me later.