Back in the day... I used to club hop a lot so I would give guys fake names all the time, these are my fake aliases and alter-egos formulated throughout the years.
  1. Ashley
    My default cause there's so many bishes named Ashley it's believable.
  2. Trixie
    Once this guy questioned if my real name was actually Trixie and I guilted him into buying me a drink and totally convinced him my name was Trixie.
  3. Teyoncé
    Like Beyoncé except with T. Please recognize and bow down bishes. 👸🏽👑 stay tuned for my auto biography/ lifetime movie "Becoming Teyoncé"
  4. DJ Trilla
    In college I had a radio show. My on air personality name was Trilla. My homegirls still sometimes call me Trilla. Or Trilla In Manilla lol
  5. Aunty Tip
    As I've gotten older and my friends started having kids, I am now "Aunty Tip" to some friends and family members.