I'm convinced these are the best podcasts and I'm plotting of making my own. 🎙#MicCheck *clicks subscribe*
  1. The Read
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    Seriously feels like these two are my best friends. They cover any celeb bullsh*t that's happened within the week, hiphop and pop culture and it's hilarious. 😂😂😭 they're my favs.
  2. Being Boss
    It's really cool for any DYI entrepreneurs out there
  3. Shediditherway
    Spotlights on girls who've accomplished things
  4. Ted radio hour
    It's like Ted Talks but interesting topics and not really high profile speakers I believe it's sponsored by NPR. They posted a really cool episode last on "What is Original" check it out.
  5. Money girl
    The best and quick tips about handling finances, taxes, investing, budgeting. EVERYTHING