Basically I'm famous by association 😎 I've had the most random celebrity encounters by somehow being at the right places at the right time. Lol (my hair is different in a lot of these pics) I've even had multiple occasions where I ran into other celebs or these same ones and couldn't take a pic. Lol. Enjoy. 📸
  1. Me & Rick fox
    Yes I live in the Bay Area but I'm a lakers fan. ⛹🏽🏀💛💜
  2. Me & Kool John
  3. Me & Charlie Brown
    😂😂😂 all jokes folks.
  4. Me & Sophia Amoruso #GirlBoss featuring Jenilee.
  5. Me & Sage The Gemini
  6. Me & Jay Ant
  7. Me & Iamsu!
  8. Me & Jazmine Sullivan
  9. Me & John Carlos ✊🏾
  10. Me & Ja rule
    It's murder. I. N. C. #WWJD (everyday I ask myself, what would Ja Rule do)
  11. Me & uncle 40 water
    707 say it backwards.
  12. Me & T.I.
  13. Me & Frankie J
  14. Me & Snoopy
    😂. It's just jokes remember. #ThatsMyDawg
  15. Kicking it with Malibu's Most Wanted 😂🙋🏽 #Present Jamie Kennedy on deck duck face and all. LOL
  16. Willie from Day 26 at Drais in Vegas. Down to earth. Rich broke.
  17. Steve Aiko at the MGM in Vegas. Super cool guy. Minus that guy in the back who photo bombed us.