Simply a mere observation
  1. The Bro
    Desperately trying to hold onto his college youth equipped with classic stretched out bro tank top and snap back
  2. The Jock
    The ex-college athlete or the semi-professional football player
  3. The Juice Head
    Seriously Bro, stop juicing. Just say no to steroids
  4. The Mom & Daughter Dynamic Duo
    Sometimes this pairing is adorably cute often it's not so adorable. None the less motivational as the mom and daughter lose weight together. Good job ladies
  5. The Freakishly Fit Older Woman
    The old lady who's middle aged or more with killer abs and Michelle Obama arms. Basically goals af by the ripe age of 65.
  6. The Smelly Guy
    Who clearly has no clue what deodorant is
  7. That One Guy
    Poor guy who's just trying to get in shape, me too dude. I know you're struggle. That guy who's 2 seconds away from having an asthma attack or stroke on the treadmill.
  8. Tattoo Guy
    Seriously convinced this guy is just here to show off his ridiculous amount of various random ass tattoos. This guy is converted in tatts. It's 43 degrees out sir. Why are you wear shorts ?
  9. The Prepubescent Teenager
    Awkward times a boy who's eager to impress guys or a teenager girl who thinks she's fat. Either way if you can eat an entire cake in one setting and not gain a pound, why are you at the gym?
  10. The Social Butterfly
    Can be either a man or a woman. This social butterfly is at all the fitness classes, knows the inside and outs of Turbo Kick and all the dance moves in Zumba
  11. The Gym Rat
    Exactly what it's called. This person literally is on the verge of busting a vein and spends unhealthy amounts of time at the gym. Sheesh.
  12. The Diva
    Not sure why she's at the gym because her mascara is running from applying too much makeup before working out. Be careful Glenn coco you're about to sweat off your eyebrows. WHY DO GIRLS WEAR MAKEUP AT THE GYM. #HowSway
  13. Clueless
    The person who's just here who never actually works out but she/he promised their friends they'd be their workout partner although they have no idea how to use any of the machines. As if, go figure. . .