In all honesty and experience here, I would advise against introducing your friends to any guys you met anywhere but that's neither here nor there. (Diff story for a diff day)
  1. There's two tactics here, tell your friends beforehand where you met this guy or just randomly bring him with you to an event and just introduce him as, "This is Tyler" lol
  2. Tell your friends you've been active on Tinder
    Your friends should not be surprised, or judgmental about your online dating habits.
  3. Tell them you've been dating and not hooking up
    People will automatically assume you're just a sleaze bucket. Guys do still take girls out on dates. Ain't no Netflix and chill BIH.
  4. Tell them about this one guy from Tinder
    This is where you choose to tell them about your previous dates or not provide any detail at all and remain to be extremely vague. Simply say, "I'm brining Tyler from Tinder next Saturday night to the kick it" avoid any questions or answer them at your own discretion. This also helps to avoid any awkward, "So how'd you two meet?" Questions
  5. If there's a group event, bring him. This is the perfect time to see how the guy you met on Tinder functions in public and interacts with your friends.
    In my experience, the preferred amount of time to introduce somebody you met from Tinder to your friends is never (cause he's probably a Fuckboy) however, I'd advise only introducing him if it's been about 2-3 months of you guys seeing each other...I guess. If homeboy is around for the long he probably likes you even if you guys aren't exclusive so, good luck with that.
  6. Remember that until he proves himself to you or impresses your friends, he's still just some guy from Tinder.
    *disclaimer* People are people. People on Tinder have feelings just like me and you. Just because he's on Tinder he still may be a good guy and it's worth a shot.