1. Shut up and listen.
    There's a time to speak, and there's a time to listen. Allow yourself to be inspired from others around you. Find yourself a role model, look up to that person, and jump on board. Just make sure you bring something to the table...
  2. Follow your instinct and take risks.
    Don't everything will pay off but you'll always learn from your mistakes.
  3. Keep your mouth shut today and see if you feel the same tomorrow.
    Self explanatory. Read it again👆🏼... And again...
  4. Take advice from people you trust.
    DON'T BE AFRAID. Trust is a scary thing but it's necessary for success.
    We all resent this when we're first told it but it's very true. Probably one of the truest things I've ever been told. Let the experienced guide you in the direction you need to go...