from your fave anxiety-riddled gal
  1. Being invited to things
    "Ugh, I'm gonna look like such an idiot and have nothing to talk about!"
  2. Not being invited to things
    "Do they hate me? Is this their way of telling me that they secretly think I'm a disgusting pig? Am I gonna be alone forever?"
  3. Having no free time
    "Oh man all this stress is getting to me, I always have so much do to, I can't handle it all."
  4. Having too much free time
    "Now that I have a break I should be doing something productive, and not- ahhh, some dog learned how to climb the stairs for the first time! ...Oh fuck, I'm wasting my life away."
  5. Doing work
    "This is gonna be shitty and awful and everyone who reads it will hate me and think I only know how to create piles of garbage."
  6. Having work that's not done
    "Ugggh there's so many things I have to do that are weighing down on me. Clearly the best to deal with this is to avoid my responsibilities completely and check Twitter."