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  1. Linocut of me taking a dump in a window.
  2. This excellent tombstone
  3. John Wayne's package in an ad that was painted on the door to the bathroom in Arizona
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  1. When your roommate asks you to play "Lord of the Flies" in a warm rainstorm outside, say yes.
    Your hair will be gross and your clothes will get muddy, and you can't take outside photos to show your spontaneity to the internet, but you just challenged yourself to go outside your comfort zone. You just built a little bit of character.
  2. You are waiting in line and you notice the person in front of you has something striking about their appearance, tell them.
    Be genuine. Don't do it to get a date. Say it because you know if a stranger legitimately liked the scarf/ shirt/ shoes combo you were wearing enough to speak to you about it, it could make their day.
  3. Your friend has a free ticket to something and wants to bring you, but you don't have much money/don't have time to prepare. Still say yes.
    When you have an great opportunity before you but doing it might mean short-term difficulty, always say yes. In time you will remember the good time you had, not the difficulty finding a cab to the airport.
  4. "Always live your life with your biography in mind."
    Marisha Pessl's quote rings true-- always do whatever you can, as soon as you can do it.
  1. "I'd like to become a vegetarian but I have to wait till your father dies first."
  2. "If I knew you had passed out in the shower, I would have dragged your naked body out immediately!"
  3. (A Prince song comes on the radio) "Prince? 'P' for 'PERVERT!"
  1. Take headphones off in a panic every other minute to check again that others around can't hear.
  2. Boob shimmy at the "yibbe dibbe dibba dum" part in "If I Were A Rich Man."
  3. Really appreciate the sharp notes in "Tradition!" They kill me.
  1. "I have known him as long as i've known my own mother. Maybe longer."
  2. "And now I get the last word, Mike. It was YOUR idea to see the movie 'The Green Slime,' not mine."
  3. "Pasta without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze."
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