We’re going on an Easter egg hunt through Teen Nick’s shows! Here are some fun little crossover gems we bet you totally forgot about.
  1. First up: Josh attends Jade’s play in Victorious!
    Josh and jade meet square
  2. After graduating from PCA, Zoey 101's Stacey Dillsen discussed her love of cotton swabs with the iCarly crew!
    Stacey on icarly square
  3. Lola is testing out ringtones, and one of them is the iCarly theme song!
    Lola ringtone square
  4. Remember when Carly walked in on Spencer watching Crazy Steve on Drake & Josh and turned off the TV?!
    Spencer turned off square
    When Spencer asked why she turned it off, she responded, “I’m turning YOU off…” LOL
  5. The Dancing Lobster from The Amanda Show made a rare appearance in an episode of Victorious! Random and amazing.
    Dancing lobster victorious square
  6. If you look closely in Sam & Cat's bedroom, you can see Sam's sound effects remote from iCarly and Cat's picture of her Hollywood Arts teacher, Mr. Sikowitz next to her bed!
    Sam cat room square 1
  7. Check out the program guide from when Sam was watching TV in Sam & Cat…
    Sam and cat options square
  8. In the very first scene of Victorious, you can see an iCarly magnet on Tori's fridge in the background.
    Victorious magnet square
  9. Oh, look! It's Jerry Trainor aka Spencer aka Crazy Steve in the audience at Trina's one-woman show on Victorious!
    Spencer audience square
  10. And finally, the movie marquee in the final episode of Drake & Josh displayed a fake title called "Now She's Carly," a nod to Miranda Cosgrove starring in iCarly!
    Carly marquee square