1. PCA was in a prime location. Right on the beach in southern California.
    Cast outside
    How could you not get pumped for school?
  2. The lounge areas were so cool and colorful.
  3. And the dorms were pretty rad, too.
    Shout out to the Ciara poster on the wall!
  4. One of the biggest perks of being a PCA student was definitely all the dining options the school offered. For example, coffee carts were a thing.
    Coffee cart
    While PCA students had their skim lattes, we take double-tall, extra-soy sips from the water fountain.
  5. Their mascot was a Stingray.
    Need this backpack now.
  6. Anyone remember Sushi Rox?
    And how Zoey and the gang raised money to rebuild it after a fire?
  7. And yes, it was totally normal for a high school to have its own movie theater...
    SO. NORMAL. (Sup, Chase.)
  8. Of course, when you go to school right by the beach, it's easy to have parties right by the beach.
    Beach party 1
    Killer shades, Dana.
  9. And super-cool luau-themed school dances.
    Where you can get down like a clown.
  10. Or not.
  11. But most of all, PCA was our dream school because of the fun, quirky, awesome kids that made up its student body.
    Michael, Nicole, Lola, Dustin, Zoey, Chase, Quinn and Logan forever. <3