11 Sam & Cat Moments That Are Forever BFF Goals

Behold, the most dynamic/dysfunctional duo!
  1. When Sam sacrificed her burrito to save Cat from a dumspter truck.
  2. When they tag-teamed CPR to save an Inside Out Burger manager.
  3. When they cruised the streets of LA like two peas in a PearPod!
  4. When they got in a fight, but made up like true BFFs.
  5. When they had all the reasons to celebrate.
  6. When they were so in sync.
  7. When they were obviously living their best lives.
  8. Or just trying to push their way through.
  9. And of course, when they shared the kind of LOLs only BFFs can.
  10. Sam & Cat forever.
  11. Yerp.