These lyrics will make you feel all the tween feels.
  1. Does he know who I am? Does he get me at all? Do we like the same things? Do we like the same songs?
  2. What am I thinking? Am I ready for this? I didn’t expect to like him again. Will I fly high, or will I fall hard? What am I thinking? I’m not thinking at all.
  3. New shoes, you rule! You rule! You rule! New shoes.
  4. My life is over, at least for 94 weeks. I look like a metal mouth freak, And that’s a long time. I wanna go to the party, but I don’t wanna be seen. I wish it was Halloween, and I cold wear a mask. Woe is me, life will have to wait, until my teeth are straight.
  5. I’ve really changed, I’ve got a new attitude And everyone will see it, too. I’ll take control, I’ll have no fear!
  6. Sometimes you just gotta roll With the punches Or the punch bowl!
  7. Don’t know what happened to me today Why I’m suddely caring what them girls say Mama says dont sweat it, them girls are just mean But mama don’t get it, she ain’t thirteen.
  8. There’s a truth that will set you free Everybody’s freaked out, not just me. It could be your hair, it could be your nose You could see your butt through your gym clothes.
  9. Life really is a balancing act. Fall off the beam and you’ll get your head cracked. You lean towards your new friends, The old ones pull you back. Oh yeah, life is a balancing act.
  10. It’s the small things that bring you down. The things you don’t see, just a little sound. I once had it all, or so it seemed, But it took just one puff to bust my dreams. Life is good and then it crashes, Guys don’t make passes at girls who pass gasses.
  11. What is love? What could it be? I don’t have to know, I’m just thirteen. I’m not gonna worry about love.