Moments. Memories. Feels.
  1. 1. Dustin stands up to a bully.
  2. Dustin didn't want to be babied by his big sis anymore, so by the end of the episode he stood up to the bully himself.
  3. Tell 'em like it is, Dustin!
    Leave me alone
  4. 2. The prank that saved PCA.
    The girls almost got kicked out of PCA, until the boys played the best prank ever:
  5. And when the principal asked whodunnit...
  6. The gang got to stay together at PCA!
  7. Celebration station.
  8. 3. When we first met Lola, she was a "super freaky goth chick."
    Turns out, she was really just a super dedicated actress. And the start of a beautiful friendship began to form as Lola became one of the crew. <3
  9. 4. OMG. This gem of an episode.
    Logan put down a lot of money at the PCA auction to have Zoey, Lola and Nicole follow him around and cheer about everything he did.
  10. Until one of those things was this...
  11. And his plan backfired.
  12. 5. And finally, who could forget this one.
    Bad-girl Trisha left Dustin for older-guy Chase, who wasn't interested in being a Mr. Steal Yo Girl. So Zoey and Chase posed as BF/GF.
  13. But when Trisha demanded they kiss, the tension built up like crazy until:
    So close. But like, still. Such emotions.