Bringing spooky back with the best of the best TeenNick Halloween episodes!
  1. iCarly - “iScream on Halloween”
    I scream icarly
    The gang does an iCarly webcast in a “haunted” apartment. And Freddie = the cutest witch ever.
  2. iCarly - “Halfoween”
    Carly, Freddie and Sam celebrate Halloween halfway through the year… because the holiday is too fun to only celebrate once!
  3. Zoey 101 - “Haunted House”
    Zoey haunted house
    Zoey and the PCA crew trick Logan into thinking the school’s haunted house is REALLY haunted. Muahahaha.
  4. How To Rock - “How To Rock Halloween”
    How to rock
    Kacey hits her head, wakes up in a dream.... and Gravity 5 become werewolves, the Perfs become vampires and everything is JUST WEIRD.
  5. Ned’s Declassified - “Guide To: Halloween and Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves & Zombies…”
    Ned halloween
    Ned, Moze and Cookie organize the first ever Halloween party at James K. Polk Middle School.
  6. Unfabulous - “The Dark Side”
    Unfabulous halloween
    Addie goes to Maris and Cranberry’s Halloween party, where her chief concern isn’t so much a costume or candy... but how in the world she’ll survive a game of Spin the Bottle.