7 Times Sam Threatened People With A Butter Sock

"One tube sock + One stick of butter = Instant butter sock. Cheap and effective!”
  1. The butter sock first appeared in iTake on Dingo. Sam used it to threaten the writers of Totally Teri to stop copying segments of iCarly like Random Dancing and Messin' with Lewbert.
  2. In iParty with Victorious, Sam wanted to hit slimy Steven Carson with it for two-timing Carly and Tori.
  3. In iStill Psycho, Sam used it to behead one of the mannequins to make it look like Gibby was sleeping. It was part of an escape plan, of course.
    Butter sock coming through in a pinch.
  4. In iGo One Direction, Harry faked his illness and Sam offered to use the butter sock to help continue being “sick.”
    A sock. Full of BUTTAH?!
  5. In iOpen a Restaurant, Sam used it to beat up Billy Boots, an old bully who tried to go after Gibby.
  6. In another glorious takedown, Sam used it to beat up a bully at the Groovy Smoothie in iBattle Chip.
  7. In iRescue Carly, Sam beats up a large group of delinquents who tie up Freddie, Carly and Gibby.
    Behold the glory and pain that is the butter sock. (But violence is never the answer.)