8 iCarly iCarlyisms That Should Be Part Of Real Life

  1. Derf
    Carly straight up MADE up a number between five and six to fool Chuck, the mini-bully. What a boss!
  2. T-Bo’s Stick Food
    It never really made sense, but we loved him anyway.
  3. Sam’s Butter Sock
    The ultimate weapon.
  4. Spencer’s Sculptures
    From the Bottle Bot to the video squirrel to Toasty the Baker to the giant Skybucks coffee cup, Spencer’s creations were a true wonder of this world.
  5. Spaghetti Tacos
    Another beautiful thing created by Spencer.
  6. Nub
    Sam’s favorite insult (usually directed toward Nevel).
  7. Spencer’s Socks
    Shout out to Spencer’s BFF Socko!
    'Nuff said.