1. Many people say 4th of July is peak summer.
  2. It’s a time for food, fun and fireworks.
  3. But after all the sparklers have been cleaned up and the BBQ has been consumed…
  4. A little thing called the 4th of July Blues kicks in.
  5. What’s the 4th of July Blues, you ask?
  6. It’s that feeling when you stop and think to yourself... WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?
  7. The next big holiday is… Labor Day?
  8. You mean I have to start my summer assignments?
  9. I’m not ready for back-to-school commercials!
  10. I haven’t even been to the beach yet!
    Beach party
  11. It’s moments like these when you need to remember: Summer is far from over.
  12. There is still fun to be had in the remaining months of vacay.
  13. So go take a road trip with your friends...
  14. Or have an impromptu bonfire!
  15. Maybe you’ll even find yourself a mid-summer love…
  16. There’s so much time left. So much time!
  17. And yes, it is true that we’ve passed a big milestone of the dog days.
  18. So it makes sense to be a little down after the big holiday...
  19. But all the more reason to soak up every last ray!
  20. And party down ‘til the sun comes up again.
  21. We sure will!