Victorious Songs You Should Listen to Right Now

And hey, here's a Spotify Playlist for doing just that:
  1. Make It Shine
    One of the best theme songs of ALL TIME.
  2. Take A Hint
    Don't mess with Tori and Jade.
  3. Beggin' On Your Knees
    When Tori finds out Ryder is using her, she writes this amazing kiss off.
  4. Freak The Freak Out
    "I'm so sick of it, your attention deficit!"
  5. Best Friend's Brother
    BFB! When Tori and the gang sing this in the rain at prom... epic.
  6. Give It Up
    A Cat/Jade duet that brings the house DOWN.
  7. L.A. Boyz
    The best ode to best (boy) friends.
  8. Song 2 You
    This songs just hits all the feels.
  9. Tell Me That You Love Me
    Piano pop-rock with a Billy Joel / Sara Bareilles vibe? Yes, please!
  10. You're The Reason
    Tori writes this song for her sister Trina, and it's crazy good.
  11. All I Want Is Everything
    We all LOVED this performance in the episode "Locked Up!" ...until Tori blinded the Chancellor of Yerba...
  12. Make It In America
    We love it. You love it. A classic Victorious jam.
  13. Countdown
  14. Don't You (Forget About Me)
    One of the best covers of an 80s hit.
  15. You Don't Know Me
    The way Beck looked at Jade when she sang this anthem -- EVERYTHING.