Songs That Would Be Theme Song

Lukas Graham - What Happened to Perfect
  1. Always & Forever
    We always said forever but lately it's been feeling like we lost that flame we had in the beginning. We use to always love each other's company and be so happy together. It just feels like we took it all for granted and got way too comfortable with each other.
  2. The Beginning
    When we first met, both of us were in no condition to be in a relationship. I was still healing from pain and he was at a point in life where he felt dead and wanted to give up on life. Somehow we found a way to open up to each other and make it work. We always talked about saving up to get our own place and we did. We made our dreams come true and got a house.
  3. Ups & Down
    There were so much about each other we didn't know. Flaws, fears, insecurities, regrets & things that really hurt us or made us happy. We definitely been through so much together. When we were happy we were really happy. When we sad or mad things went out of hand.
  4. Us against the world
    Despite our differences we made a great team. We were always there for each other physically and emotionally.
  5. Every rose has its thorn 🌹
    Somewhere along the way we lost sight of why we fell In love and it just feels like so much has changed. I wish we can go back to happy.
  6. If our love is strong enough, things will happen the way it should. A happy ending. I hope we can salvage this relationship.