Things My 8 Year Old Sister Has Recently Said to Me

She has my birthday. She has long blond hair. I may or may not be jealous of her.
  1. Close but no cigar
    This was after taking a selfie of myself that she disapproved of.
  2. Just put yellow die to make it one color
    When she was being my sous chef and I told her to keep beating the eggs until it was one color.
  3. Google it
    Every damn day.
  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeee badooongy face
    This happens on the regular. Thank you @bjnovak
  5. I like this book. It has a lot of homonyms and idioms
    While reading peanut butter and cupcake (highly suggested book).
  6. I prefer to go private
    I have yet to do so. Did I mention jealous?
  7. I wish I could be a big sister so I could make fun of someone
    Unclear if she understands the true joy of being a big sister. Or does she?
  8. I can't wait to be a teenager. But I'm pretty worried about getting my period and deodorant
    I feel ya.
  9. Cool, huh ?
    Just talking about herself in general.
  10. Do I look chic?
  11. I can make the bad guy's good for a weekend
    Because Taylor.
  12. Uhhhh you're a bit too young for me
    When Sammy, the 6 year old presented her with a rose and said "I want you to be my girlfriend".
  13. Ummm, you should look into physical therapy
    When unsuccessfully trying to teach my friend how to do a cartwheel.
  14. I was just wondering, what is hashtag?
    She claims all the cool kids say it.
  15. I'm sending you a snapchat
  16. Is that a rash on your face?
    No photo here as she was pointing to my beautiful acne.