Is it me but...
  1. Where do u buy outfits like that?
    I have never seen such clothing especially when "they" all attend a so called fashion show, those clothes are so...what's the word...unbelievably ugly.
  2. And do people really talk like that?
    I need an interpreter
  3. Do they know the clothes don't fit them?
    At least two sizes too small for both gals and boys
  4. Do any of them work?
    Of course they all are "waiting" for a record deal although they can't sing/rap/hip hop it for more then 30 seconds
  5. And why do I watch it or care?
    It's like the zoo...just curious to see what they do so u watch
  6. Is there hope for me...
    Silly white girl needs her own life/job...oh I'm waiting for my record deal!!!