I missed that day in school where girls learned the signals, so this is how I assume a boy who likes you behaves.
  1. He finds reasons to hang out with you. Guys love getting mani-pedis, right?
  2. He ignores you. Probably because he can't deal with his feelings for you.
  3. He 'likes' your social media posts. That means he's noticing you. Apparently.
  4. He attempts to create inside jokes with you.
  5. He exposes his cretin side to you that would probably horrify others. Actually, this could mean he has friend zoned you.
  6. He calls you. Not texts. Calls. This is huge. He's marriage material. Lock this guy down.
  7. He serenades you on your living room floor.
    If I'd known this, college may have been way different.