📸 The Last 5 Photos I Saved, Explained

    Few things are more thought provoking than looking down at the lights of the world from several thousand feet above. This was from my flight home to CLT Friday night after a long and reflective work trip in D.C.
  2. INTLWOMEN2017
    Red for women, tall blue socks for boots. I celebrated International Women's Day by creating the most badass female vocalist playlist and reflecting on all the important women in my life.
    This panda and I connected on a visceral level. I finally met my best friend. #NationalZoo.
    My roommate, who does not enjoy theatre productions, bought us tickets to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. True friendship is sitting for 3 hours at a play just so I didn't have to go alone. Full disclosure: she loved it.
    I save a lot of memes and photos I find online. This one is rather hilarious and really needs no explanation. I also have 10-12 Obama/Biden meme pictures that I look at when I'm having a bad day. #Friendshipgoals.