As a LUSH employee, I get asked "what's your favorite product?!" So, I'm just gonna list them!
  1. Ultraviolet bubble bar is literally goat! It is a limited edition Easter product. When you crumble the pieces, the water changes color of deep indigos and purples which I really love!
  2. THIS SHIT IS AMAZING! Plus it was my first purchase and I swear by this stuff. If you love beachy, margarita scents, then this is perfect!
  3. This is honestly my favorite body scrub. I use this as an exfoliant before I shave my legs and makes my legs feel so silky smooth. It has fine sea salt, orange flower & mimosa absolute which the scent reminds me of spring.
  4. If you like piña coladas this shower jelly is perfect. It is a LUSH kitchen item and I was so blessed to snag one! It is sooo goood!!!
  5. This is my favorite bubble bar besides Ultraviolet! It has frankincense and patchouli so it is a very earthy bubble bath which is good to calm the mind! The scent makes me want to meditate (lol).
  6. This bomb is so good that I can't describe it! It is paired really nicely with blue skies (bubble bar pictured above)!!!!
  7. Literally my favorite scrub because it is so rough and the scent is very fresh! I tell people this is a scrub I'd take with me on an island!
  8. My favorite peppermint/spearmint mask ever! The ground aduki beans gives the skin a gentle scrub and the vanilla helps moisture the skin. Plus you can use it on face and body!
  9. My favorite shower gel that smells like Christmas trees! Y'all can tell I love earthy fragrances. 😂
  10. Yuzu and Cocoa da GAWD! Literally my favorite shower cream ever!!!!
  11. This is by far my favorite soap, that I have a $60 bar cut and im hoarding it. It is sooo goood! I can't even put it into words how good it is.
  12. My favorite perfume that can be purchased from the UK! It's a floral gem that I absolutely love.