On Thursday at 11am, 250,000 tickets were released for the new J.K play. I rocked up at 10.50 and my god, it was emotional. These are my thoughts:
  1. Ooooh a countdown to the que - fancy.
  2. I'm 3960 in the que ... Ok if each person buys 3 tickets, that's less than 12,000 tickets. I have a chance
  3. Wait that doesn't make sense - does that say there are 33,960 users in front of me?
  4. Oh shit, it does say 33,960
  5. J.K why you playing me?
  6. I should get back to work
  7. So it's been three hours and there are now 23,998 users in front
  8. Has anyone actually bought tickets? Is this a social experiment? Am I even alive?
  9. Ok, Twitter says ppl have tickets
  10. 19,486 users in front
  11. J.K, WHY you playing me?
  12. I really should get back to work
  13. Ok the que is moving, only 15,223 in front of me
  14. Shit I have a meeting; What if I get though and I'm not here.
  15. Can I skip the meeting? ... Oh right, I organised the meeting. Shit.
  16. Back from the meeting! Oh, still 13,879 in front of me
  17. The gold bar is moving and this girl in the cape looks cool.
  18. Ok so it's home time... And 10,000 users ahead. Do I go home?
  19. Best friend txts 'don't go home. Come so far.' True dat. It has been 7 hours.
  20. Everyone is leaving the office. I should go home
  21. 4500 in front
  22. What is this life?!
  23. Ok just two people left in the office, lights are flickering off from lack of movement
  24. I neeeed the bathroom.
  25. Fuck it I'm going to the bathroom
  26. Phew. still only 1690 in front
  27. The number is going down. Way down. and fast.
  29. Bhahahahaha I HAVE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!
    September 13th 2017. Shit is going down.
  30. Oh my god. What just happened? I need to lie down