1. AOL screen names
    Rubensgal@aol.com. Because you shouldn't make public the fact that you're Ruben Studdard's only fan
  2. Sun-in
    785981 1c95b569 9d4b 4a64 b96d 4ce8bed65107
  3. Checking WebMD
  4. Getting your hair braided in the Caribbean
    786001 9c6a4ce8 f9e9 414d a34f e294aa349964
    Unacceptable past customs
  5. Stalking an ex's current girlfriend
    And realizing you know every outfit they own, who their friends are & when they're borrowing a friend's outfit
  6. Putting your crush's name in white font on a white background on your AIM profile
    Smooth operator
  7. Checking your bank account
  8. Ripping off Beanie Baby tags
    Who knew a first-edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby would be worth $300,000?