From my youngest self to my oldest self...
  1. Wonder Woman
    The Linda Carter version... as if there is any other version.
  2. The Greatest American Hero
    The theme song AND he couldn't fly?! Dude. 💜
  3. Melba Moore in Purlie
  4. Diana Ross
    She had me at Lady Sings The Blues
  5. A veterinarian
  6. Whitney Houston
    Just in case the whole animal doctor thing didn't pan out.
  7. Diahann Carroll in Dynasty
    I got a thing for bad broads.
  8. Deborah Kerr in The King and I
    Giphy downsized medium
    So classy, and she got to dance with Yul Brenner!
  9. Gladys Knight
    So I can sing to myself and admire the awesomeness of my voice anytime I want.
  10. Debbie Allen
    And right now is where you start paying... in sweat!
  11. TV writer