Day 1: Abs -

Doesn't seem like much but if are a beginner you will probably be sore tomorrow!
  1. Grasshopper: 20 each
    Start in push-up position, move out right leg slightly, then take your left leg and cross over to your right elbow. That's 1 on 1 side.
  2. Weighted Twist: 20 each
    Sit with legs straight the slightly bend the knees and keep heels on the floor. Lean back till you feel it in your abs, take a weight and put touch the floor on the right side of you and bring it back to your core, that's one alternate doing 20 on each side, 40. I used 15lb weight. Go slow.
  3. Standing knee to elbow: 20 each
  4. Scorpion twist: 20 each
    Lay face down, bring right leg over left and tap on floor that's one
  5. Genie abs: 20
  6. Crunches with knees bent: 20
  7. Runway abs: 40 alternating
  8. Clock abs: 20 each
    Rotate legs together clockwise 20 times and counter clockwise. This one gets tiring so do 10 each way twice.
  9. Crunches leg straight: 20
  10. One leg drop: 20
    Lay on back with legs straight up, drop left leg then raise it back up to beginning position. That's one. Do 20 on each leg