Field Trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics

Proving that a flair for the fabulous and an eye for perfection runs in the family, my 12 year old daughter requested that we make a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics. After I dried my tears of gratitude, we entered the Mecca of all things righteous and true in this world. Here are a few highlights:
  1. When one finds oneself in need of a stick, as one does from time to time, don't go outside and get a disease ridden branch that a rabid squirrel has humped, come on down to Jo-Ann Fabrics. There is a stick for every occasion.
  2. Rick rack, mother fuckers.
  3. I took this picture because I was picking up what the lady in the picture was putting down. Then I realized that Burlap Terry is a fantastic drag name.
  4. For plushies who want to custom make their own costumes with extra holes for added shenanigans.
  5. Of course the best part of the trip was the fabric section. Such a fantastic variety! Speaking of rabid stick humping squirrels, check out this lovely pattern.
  6. Christmas in July! Praise Jesus and mustache puns!
  7. Fabric with sewing machines that will be sewn by real sewing machines. Oh Jo-Ann, you are so meta.
  8. A tasteful floral print with which to sheath Grandma's vag.
  9. I swear this is a pot leaf. Jo-Ann is down with the ganja. Color me impressed.
  10. Puff, puff, pass, bitch.
  11. I left a "Fuck Hobby Lobby" parting message as we left. Thanks @joannfabrics for the best day of my life. Keep it crafty, yo.