My Favorite Song - Christmas

I still feel a bit new in this wonderful community and have enjoyed kicking the tires around here. As I wander about, I find myself drawn to the music lists. It would be impossible to have just one comprehensive music list, so I have decided to follow the format of the greatest radio show ever, My Favorite Song.
  1. MFS is on @RadioAndySXM, which is the brain child of my imaginary BFF @andycohen, who is also the reason I found @list in the first place. The premise of the show is this is where you learn about your favorite stars through their favorite music.
  2. The host is the amazing stage and screen actor John Benjamin Hickey. Here he is with Andy. How adorable are they?
  3. There have been 39 guests, ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Nathan Lane to Ellen Burstyn. My top three favorite episodes have been with Andrew Rannells, Allison Janney and Dave Holmes (@daveholmes).
  4. The guests are asked to choose one song per category from a list they were given prior to the show. My real life BFF @juliep1969 and I realized we couldn't whittle it down to one per category, so we allowed ourselves three. Alphabetically, the categories start with Christmas Song and end with Workout Song, with all sorts of goodies in between.
  5. Without further ado (and tediously long explanations), here are My Favorite Christmas Songs:
  6. Sleigh Ride by the Carpenters
    This song is so extremely cheesy and fantastic. Karen's voice warms the soul. The "pop pop pop" part brings me joy and happiness.
  7. This Christmas by Donny Hathaway
    God, Donny's velvety smooth voice transports me to another dimension. Amazing.
  8. Pimp my Sleigh by Houseman
    A fun and funky take on a Christmas song. New Orleans is one of my favorite places. I dare you not to dance to this.
  9. Here is a link to my Spotify playlist for this category. Enjoy!
  10. Please feel free to add your own favorite Christmas songs. :)
  11. Twelve Days of Christmas - The Muppets
    Especially Beaker's part and "FIVE GOOOOLD RINGS ba dum bum bum"
    Suggested by   @jhope71