1. I hate to wait. Patience is most certainly not a mother fucking virtue.
  2. The person in front/behind me usually smells like moldy cheese, but not the good kind.
  3. Some asshole tries to impart their version of witty repartee such as, "All these registers and no cashiers" or the old chestnut in the Georgia summer, "Hot enough for you?"
  4. I've spent the last 30 minutes shopping, which means I'm hangry at this point. I'm liable to start gnawing on the edge of the Weekly World News. BTW, I can't believe Bat Boy is still around.
  5. But then, like a lush, fertile oasis in the dry, blistering desert, I see it. The one thing that can bring me hope and happiness in this bleak situation.
  6. A reminder that @joannfabrics is still around to kick Michaels' no account ass into the ground and bend Hobby Lobby over in the back alley while talking mad shit about its mother.
  7. All is well with the world.