Art That Is Too Smart for Me

I know this means something, but don't ask me what. 😶
  1. Radiohead
    I believe this is good music. I really do. But………
  2. Howard's End
    Ok. There's a house. They're selling the house? Emma Thompson has a thing for Anthony Hopkins... Bonham Carter is poor now? And that's it?
  3. e. e. cummings typographic poems
    Not all of them, and I'm sure the ones that remain mysteries would be 100% clear if I looked them up. But damn it, that's cheating and I wanna get it for myself!
  4. Free jazz
    The imaginary numbers version of music.
  5. Beyoncé videos
    I'm always surprised that people can find Beyoncé sexy and not intellectually and emotionally exhausting. #queen