1. The Adventures Of Robin Hood
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    The first movie I ever saw. Ahem. Made a big impression.
  2. Dr. Zhivago
    Omar Sharif. Julie Christie. Jaw lines for the ages.
  3. Meet Me In St. Louis
    The love from this movie made Liza Minnelli. Enough said.
  4. Rebel Without A Cause
    A friend of mine who doesn't love movies just watched this and now she's in love with James Dean. #ART
  5. Shadows
    "Just stand there and be as lovely as you look." 😢
  6. Breathless
    Jump cuts, but like...sexy jump cuts.
  7. The Big Sleep
    The best flirting that has ever been recorded on film.
  8. Now, Voyager
  9. Stella Dallas
  10. Imitation Of Life
  11. Nashville
    Marry me Robert Altman.
  12. Gone With The Wind
    I almost wish this didn't live up the hype to the extent that it does. But it does. As God is my witness, IT DOES.
  13. Ghostbusters? If you don't accept that as classic, do the math of how long ago it was made from now, compared to how long before it was Gone With The Wind.
    Suggested by @evan