Game of Thrones Characters, Ranked by How Happy I Would Be if They Died

One episode left, let's make it count🔪
  1. Ramsay Bolton
    Just. Die. Already.
  2. Sam Tarly
    Blah blah blah he's so nice, Gilly, blah blah…I hope for his death every episode and every episode I am let down.
  3. Petyr Baelish
    Last straw was selling out Sansa to the Boltons. Your days are numbered pal.
  4. Theon Greyjoy
    I love Theon but this is for his own good.
  5. Gilly
    Riding a LOT on the goodwill of also being Cassie from Skins.
  6. Stannis
    I like his freaky deaky wife and I like that he survived a siege eating horses and rats. I sympathize with a man who would convert religions for even an obviously evil version of Carice Van Houten. The daughter thing though...that's a bummer.
  7. Jon Snow
    Who is anyone kidding thinking Jon would be a good ruler? Ten minutes in King's Landing and he'd be dumb-dumb dead like Ned Stark.
  8. Cersei
    I would miss Lena Headey but Cersei keeps fucking up. (If this had been the era of Cersei getting drunk and telling everybody about how they'll all be raped, she would be MUCH higher on this list.)
  9. Melisandre
    Listen. She's not nice but she *believes* in her crazy shit. And you know what? Props girl, I am very very interested in the Lord Of Light. You can stay.
  10. Bran
    No strong feelings. Be one with the trees little Stark.
  11. Loras
    Solidarity with the resident gay, even if he is kind of a douche.
  12. Jamie Lannister
    So hot. But incest rapey. But was nice to Brienne and Tyrion. About evens out?
  13. Arya
    I know I'm the only one who feels this way but I could take or leave Arya.
  14. Brienne
    Love a lady knight and she's totally badass. But idkkkk man, she also kind of sucks? A little stuck in her ways? A bit of a whiner? Kind of inexplicably devoted to Renly for personal reasons despite the fact that he would not have been a good king at all?? And I'm still kind of sad about the Hound?
  15. Tommen
    Lol I like him. He just wants to bone with his hot wife. He'd probably be a good king tbh.
  16. Daenarys Targaryen
    Ok, a little square ala Jon Snow. But! She's the only person in the game with the support of any common people whatsoever. And she has the best claim. Also I want a girl to win. And the dragons. I'm only human.
  17. Tyrion
    Duh I would be sad, everybody loves him, he rules.
  18. Tormund
    Without question, the best thing going on around the Wall. I love his magnificent ginger beard. Extra points for also being the best part of Force Majeure.
  19. Margaery
    Honestly the dream is that Dany makes it to Westeros and she too gets to marry Margaery. Everyone should be married to Margaery and Margaery should always be queen.
  20. Podrick
    The North Remembers how Pod was the prostitutes' favorite. Also he's so nice and he works so hard and he puts up with everyone's bullshit without ever complaining. He *deserves* to make it.
  21. Queen Of Thorns
    You kill Diana Rigg, I kill you.
  22. Sansa
    Girl has SUFFERED, ok??? LET SANSA LIVE.