Ok ok, this might not actually be that hard………¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. "A down-on-her-luck waitress…"
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  2. "A tough-talking newspaperwoman…"
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    Feel free to insert the 21st century media equivalent.
  3. "An obsessive lady stalker…"
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  4. "A woman on trial…"
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  5. "A woman on a mission…"
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  6. "A woman on the run…"
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  7. "A woman tormented by society…"
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  8. "A dissatisfied Southern belle…"
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  9. "An unraveling dancer…"
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  10. "An aspiring actress…"
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  11. "An aging actress…"
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  12. "A delusional actress…"
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  13. "A hardscrabble call girl…"
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  14. "A repressed lesbian…"
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  15. "An aspiring businesswoman…"
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    I like to marvel at how the other half lives.
  16. "A community of women…"
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  17. "A woman and her supportive friends…"
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  18. "A woman and her very different sister..."
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  19. "A mother and daughter…"
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  20. "An 18th century Frenchwoman…"
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    Or 19th century. Or early 20th century. Or mid 20th century. Or now. I'm not picky.
  21. "A woman's elaborate fantasy life…"
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  22. "A woman's Machiavellian schemes…"
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  23. "A woman's rigid morals…"
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    We are so different. And yet maybe the same???
  24. "Trapped in a women's asylum…"
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    Ugh. The ultimate. Nirvana. (Would also accept convent.)