Magnificent Crazy Movies I Found Thanks to Charlotte Rampling

Your fave would never...but actually never. So excited for my girl Charlotte's inevitable appointment to Dame.
  1. Max Mon Amour
    Charlotte Rampling (Tha God) leaves her man for a monkey. Excuse me, a chimp.
  2. Zardoz
    In a post-apocalyptic future, diaper-clad Sean Connery amazes and eventually overthrows a bored and all-powerful immortal species, thanks in part to procreation with immortal Charlotte Rampling.
  3. Yuppi Du
    A wacky sociopolitical Italian musical that includes a scene where Charlotte Rampling dances while digging her own grave...while making out with her man...while topless. Classic Italy.
  4. Tis A Pity She's a Whore
    An Italian movie where Charlotte Rampling's fiancé gets mad because Charlotte is pregnant with her brother's baby. Literally classic Italy, because it's set during the Renaissance. I can't remember if she's playing a queen in this, but even if she's not: QUEEN.
  5. Orca
    Dr. Charlotte Rampling is a whale expert helping a crew find and tag a revenge-obsessed killer whale. It's conservation friendly!
  6. Three
    Charlotte Rampling rendezvous with a hottie and another hottie who happens to be Sam Waterson.
  7. The Forbidden Room
    Who knows what the fuck this is about because it's a Guy Maddin movie and he's bonkers, but that's Charlotte bag, bless her. (Shoutout to another one of my faves Adèle Haenel, who I'm pretty sure is the lucky soul getting by nudged by le pied de Rampling in this pic.)
  8. 45 Years
    This is about to come out and it's not crazy at all but I've seen it and it's so good. A lost lover from Charlotte's husband's past gets pulled perfectly preserved out of a glacier after 45 years. Charlotte's man can't stop looking back, and Charlotte can't stop imagining what it is he sees.
  9. The Night Porter
    This one is famous and controversial and famously controversial and I love it so much, but just in case you haven't heard: Charlotte plays a concentration camp survivor who rekindles her sadomasochistic romance with a Nazi guard after the war.