Movies That Make Me Feel Very Small & Vulnerable, Like I'm a Doll Being Held in Someone Else's Hands

This feeling is why I love movies.
  1. The Tale Of Princess Kaguya
    Actual image from Princess Kaguya, and also my insides while watching Princess Kaguya and all the other movies on this list.
  2. Frances Ha
    This came out in my second year in college and I saw it with my parents. Exactly the right time.
  3. Blue Is The Warmest Color
    I saw this movie five times in theaters because of this feeling.
  4. Beasts Of The Southern Wild
    This one too.
  5. Lucas
    "Do you collect insects?" "No. To collect em you have to kill them. I just look at them."
  6. Frankie And Johnny
    "I'm afraid of what I am, what I'm not, what I might become, what I might never become." (THIS IS ON NETFLIX. GO NOW.)
  7. Stella Dallas
    Mother/daughter movies really get me. There aren't enough of them. (See also: Mermaids)
  8. Shadows
    Movies about mixed race families also really get me. There also aren't enough of them.
  9. Imitation Of Life
    Mother/daughter movies that are also about being mixed race REALLY REALLY get me.
  10. The Beyoncé visual album
  11. Splendor In The Grass
    I wrote Wordsworth poems all over my notebooks in ninth grade because of this movie.
  12. No Greater Glory
    Every movie I've seen by Frank Borzage makes me feel like this, but this one, which is about a group of little boys who like to play war games, makes me feel it the most.
  13. The Shop Around the Corner
    I don't know why, but it matters so much that this movie is set in Budapest. (I also love You've Got Mail.)
  14. How Green Was My Valley
    This was one of my grandfather's favorite movies, but I didn't see it until after he died. When I watch it now, it feels like a piece of him that's been given back to me.
  15. Nashville
    Robert Altman women mean everything.
  16. The last scene in Manhattan
    I won't post a photo, but for better or worse, my reaction is the same every time.
  17. The Cranes Are Flying
    The light...
  18. A Place In The Sun
    The closeups...
  19. Moulin Rouge!
    When I was little, it was the romance in the movie that really got me. Now it's the bravery of it as an artistic venture that took hundreds of people and millions of dollars to execute. It's so earnest and openhearted, it makes me want to be open and earnest back.
  20. Meet Me In St. Louis
    Everyone talks about Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, but I'm already in that place from the moment Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien start the cake walk.
  21. The Selfish Giant
    A movie that gets how scary and frustrating and powerless it is to be a kid. A warning and an encouragement: you will cry buckets, but it's one of the best movies of the last twenty years. (Also on Netflix.)