My Morning

  1. Stress wake up at 6AM due to overwhelming amount of silent films to watch before class at 1:30.
  2. Start the Buster Keaton portion of today's program.
    Every movie is a delight, and Buster Keaton is surprisingly bae. Feel more than a little proud for watching silent cinema so attentively at 7AM.
  3. Eat leftover blue Toblerone that happened to be on the bed.
    ListApp is a safe space, right?
  4. Grumpily fall asleep during Safety Last!
    Harold Lloyd, you are no Buster Keaton. The climb to the clock *is* amazing though.
  5. Give up on brunch with friends, and instead microwave last night's leftover pasta.
  6. Briefly get annoyed that there even is class on Sunday, and get sucked into the usual anxiety about the weird Machiavellian vibe of the film department.
    Is this list saying too much? They've got eyes everywhere.
  7. Dive in on Laurel And Hardy.
    Lol these assholes. I like them though.
  8. Revive hope of brunch with other people when movies prove to be shorter than expected.
  9. Make this list in celebration!