Also my thoughts watching most true crime shows.
  1. A woman died? Call the presses, the husband did it.
  2. He sounds scared on the 9-11 call? DID IT.
  3. All this blood from a staircase? HELL NO. HE DID IT.
  4. Omg it is CRAZY how the documentarians have all this access. Is this legal?
  5. Oh no, I do not like his smile. GUILTY.
  6. Bless this district attorney. He knows.
  7. The kids think this was a happy marriage? Whew they don't know shit.
  8. Is it just me or are the sons kind of sinister? Did they know he did it?? Are they helping him cover it up????
  9. Men are terrifying.
    *turns Tinder to only women settings*