People Who Would Kill in a Rachel Dolezal Movie

  1. Amy Schumer
    I'll be real, it would make me a bit anxious giving Amy Schumer such a free range on black jokes, but whatever, no risk no reward, this hypothetical movie could be a masterpiece!
  2. Jane Krakowski
    Preferably as Jenna Maroney as Rachel Dolezal.
  3. Jennifer Coolidge
    Ok, this one is a stretch in terms of resemblance, etc. but ugh I can picture it in my head and it would be soooooooo funny.
  4. Nicole Sullivan
    Where the Internet leads, I will follow. Rachel Dolezal already seems like a MadTV skit and the resemblance is actually uncanny.
  5. Wendi McLendon-Covey
    Also a pretty strong resemblance. Bet she would be good at walking the line between being offensive and being funny.
  6. Kate McKinnon
    This would be best if the Dolezal movie you were making was set during the scandal, to maximize time for unadulterated freakishness.
  7. kathryn hahn
    Suggested by   @J0SH