Shoutout to my sweet corporate overloads at Viacom and MTV!
  1. All of my money goes to Uber and take-out.
  2. My very cheap apartment in Bushwick is less cheap than I thought once you take into account the lack of grocery stores and the faultiness of public transit that make my new life of Uber and take-out a necessity.
    Also the M is closing. I'm gonna have to move…
  3. Most of my friends are gigging or interning. Most of my coworker's friends are other writers.
    This makes complete sense because who else could possibly work around your terrible terrible schedule but people who are on the same terrible terrible schedule?
  4. My creative time outside work has a strong indirect correlation to my creative time at work.
    In other words, the more I put into my job, the less energy I have at home with my own projects. Working on solving this problem slowwwwwly.
  5. I work at a billion dollar corporation and most of what I've learned in this time has been about how billion dollar corporations function.
    Bureaucracies simultaneously overcommunicate and undercommunicate. Everything happens and nothing happens. Office coffee is bad coffee.
  6. I love all my coworkers.
    I cannot imagine this experience without them.
  7. Most of my bosses are parents, and all of them seem committed to their lives as parents. I have no clue how they do what they do.
    My bosses are also seemingly very committed to trying to make their corner of the world better. I still don't know how they do what they do, but I adore them. Lil no-sleep-new-baby cuties.
  8. I think about work when I'm not at work.
    This is both a hindrance to my ability to do work at work and a functional necessity.
  9. I used to joke about having a brand, but I don't anymore.
    I don't think I realized how much of a necessity branding was in corporate culture, yikes.
  10. I write every day and I am fairly compensated for it.
    Even if it means I sometimes write nonsense, this is a luxury and I'm grateful for it.
  11. Giphy