1. The More The Merrier
  2. A Place In The Sun
    Probably 30% of my personality is the result of my watching this movie long before I was mature enough to handle it.
  3. Cry-Baby
    I like when Johnny Depp licks the window.
  4. The Big Sleep
  5. All movies starring young Jimmy Stewart
  6. All movies starring grown up Natalie Wood
    Even you West Side Story, even you.
  7. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
    Hi Antonio.
  8. Late Marriage
  9. Blue Is The Warmest Color
    The talking, not the sex.
  10. Bound
    The sex.
  11. Breathless
  12. Beau Travail
  13. The Fabulous Baker Boys
  14. Spellbound
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  15. Angel Face
    Not the romance parts. The parts where Jean Simmons is walking around her house touching things.
  16. Rust And Bone
  17. Last Of The Mohicans
    Such. Good. Hair.
  18. Queen Margot
    It's gleefully aware of its own tackiness, which makes it hotter.
  19. A History Of Violence
    There are two kinds of people in his world. Cheerleader scene people and stair scene people.
  20. Bull Durham
  21. The English Patient
    Included for the thumb thing.
  22. Laurel Canyon
    France's McDormand/Kate Beckinsale/Alessandro Nivola orgy. Also Christian Bale at what was most likely his physical peak.
    Suggested by @dana
  23. Happy Together
  24. Much Ado About Nothing
    Emma Thompson is so hot. Points for paying Denzel and Keanu to show up to the party too.