The only category that matters. Only nominees count!
  1. 1933: Katharine Hepburn wins for the correct movie, Little Women
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  2. 1935: Bette Davis loses to Katharine Hepburn for Alice Adams
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  3. 1940: Ginger Rogers loses to Katharine Hepburn for The Philadelphia Story
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    Having won three right off the bat, Katharine Hepburn wins only once more in the great tie of 1968, still ending her career with a record setting four Oscars.
  4. 1942: Greer Garson loses to Bette Davis for Now, Voyager
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    Bette Davis still enters 1950 with two wins, and so that year stays exactly the same. Judy Holliday wins, and the world still wonders what might have been.
  5. 1954: Grace Kelly loses to Judy Garland for A Star Is Born
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  6. 1958: Susan Hayward loses to Elizabeth Taylor for Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
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  7. 1960: Elizabeth Taylor loses to Shirley MacLaine for The Apartment
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  8. 1967: Katharine Hepburn loses to Faye Dunaway for Bonnie And Clyde
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  9. 1976: Faye Dunaway loses to Sissy Spacek for Carrie
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  10. 1980: Sissy Spacek loses to Gena Rowlands for Gloria
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    The world breathes a sigh of relief.
  11. 1981: Katharine Hepburn loses to Susan Sarandon for Atlantic City
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  12. 1982: Meryl Streep loses to Jessica Lange in Frances
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    Everyone stops pretending they like Sophie's Choice, and Supporting Actress that year goes to Lesley Ann Warren or Teri Garr. The day becomes a national holiday for gays only and I never have to go to school the day after the Oscars.
  13. 1983: Shirley MacLaine loses to Meryl Streep for Silkwood
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  14. 1988: Jodie Foster loses to Glenn Close for Dangerous Liaisons
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  15. 1989: Move Michelle Pfeiffer to Supporting Actress, where she wins for The Fabulous Baker Boys
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  16. 1994: Susan Sarandon loses to Elisabeth Shue for Leaving Las Vegas
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  17. 2001: Halle Berry loses and Nicole Kidman wins for Moulin Rouge!
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    Sorry Halle!
  18. 2002: Nicole Kidman loses to Julianne Moore for Far From Heaven
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  19. 2005: Hilary Swank loses to Kate Winslet for Eternal Sunshine
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    Kate keeps making awesome weird movies because she doesn't need to worry about trophies.
  20. 2009: Kate Winslet loses to Meryl Streep for Doubt
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    Everyone still knows deep down that it should have been Anne Hathaway. Not everything can be fixed.
  21. 2011: Meryl Streep loses to Viola Davis in The Help
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    Seventeen standing ovations for what is probably the greatest Oscar speech of all time.
  22. 1951: Judy Holliday loses to Gloria Swanson for Sunset Blvd.
    Suggested by @jnardino