The Academy Award Chain Reaction That Would Make a Perfect Best Actress Category

The only category that matters. Only nominees count!
  1. 1933: Katharine Hepburn wins for the correct movie, Little Women
  2. 1935: Bette Davis loses to Katharine Hepburn for Alice Adams
  3. 1940: Ginger Rogers loses to Katharine Hepburn for The Philadelphia Story
    Having won three right off the bat, Katharine Hepburn wins only once more in the great tie of 1968, still ending her career with a record setting four Oscars.
  4. 1942: Greer Garson loses to Bette Davis for Now, Voyager
    Bette Davis still enters 1950 with two wins, and so that year stays exactly the same. Judy Holliday wins, and the world still wonders what might have been.
  5. 1954: Grace Kelly loses to Judy Garland for A Star Is Born
  6. 1958: Susan Hayward loses to Elizabeth Taylor for Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
  7. 1960: Elizabeth Taylor loses to Shirley MacLaine for The Apartment
  8. 1967: Katharine Hepburn loses to Faye Dunaway for Bonnie And Clyde
  9. 1976: Faye Dunaway loses to Sissy Spacek for Carrie
  10. 1980: Sissy Spacek loses to Gena Rowlands for Gloria
    The world breathes a sigh of relief.
  11. 1981: Katharine Hepburn loses to Susan Sarandon for Atlantic City
  12. 1982: Meryl Streep loses to Jessica Lange in Frances
    Everyone stops pretending they like Sophie's Choice, and Supporting Actress that year goes to Lesley Ann Warren or Teri Garr. The day becomes a national holiday for gays only and I never have to go to school the day after the Oscars.
  13. 1983: Shirley MacLaine loses to Meryl Streep for Silkwood
  14. 1988: Jodie Foster loses to Glenn Close for Dangerous Liaisons
  15. 1989: Move Michelle Pfeiffer to Supporting Actress, where she wins for The Fabulous Baker Boys
  16. 1994: Susan Sarandon loses to Elisabeth Shue for Leaving Las Vegas
  17. 2001: Halle Berry loses and Nicole Kidman wins for Moulin Rouge!
    Sorry Halle!
  18. 2002: Nicole Kidman loses to Julianne Moore for Far From Heaven
  19. 2005: Hilary Swank loses to Kate Winslet for Eternal Sunshine
    Kate keeps making awesome weird movies because she doesn't need to worry about trophies.
  20. 2009: Kate Winslet loses to Meryl Streep for Doubt
    Everyone still knows deep down that it should have been Anne Hathaway. Not everything can be fixed.
  21. 2011: Meryl Streep loses to Viola Davis in The Help
    Seventeen standing ovations for what is probably the greatest Oscar speech of all time.
  22. 1951: Judy Holliday loses to Gloria Swanson for Sunset Blvd.
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