The Best of What I Love Right Now

I was going to call this list Good Shit I'm Into Right Now but I feel like ListApp is too refined for "good shit"…
  1. The Story Of Marie And Julien
    Bae. Director Jacques Rivette just died, so no better time to see this film, which is some combination of intellectual, rigorous, but also soooo cute? It reveals its characters slowly, there's kind of a twist, the nature of reality is unstable. It's mysterious & sexy & very French. Part of the fun was realizing at the end that my freaky brain and this freaky movie were vibing on an unusual level, since for some reason the plot was clear to me before it was clear to anyone I watched with. A+ cat!
  2. Blossom Dearie
    This is thanks to Story Of Marie And Julien, and that's all I'll say about that. Love all lady singers who have really feminine, weird voices. Bonus points for being a bit literary and ironic. Of particular note: "I'm Hip" which is some *brutal* shade. Half the people I know got ROASTED by Blossom Dearie fifty years ago and don't even know it. Cool glasses.
  3. Watching the video for "Formation" and not saying a goddamn word about it
    I know when Beyoncé is telling me she wants me to shut the fuck up and listen. I can read those signs.
  4. This podcast about "Formation" in which everything I could ever want to say about "Formation" is said anyway "All you had to do was save $20 every month since December 2013 and you would have your touring money ready…"
  5. The new season of Broad City
  6. Starting a film series with friends and friends of friends
    Technically I've been into this for a while, but now I guess we're trying to find ways to scale our current operation up. Very open to recommendations if people know places that rent screening space in NYC for reasonable prices!
  7. Bettye Swann
    LA soul. I like how tired she can sound. Tired is an underrated quality in music.
  8. The Queer Art Of Failure, Judith Halberstam
    Oooo this is so good. Jack Halberstam uses all his best Nickelodeon and Little Miss Sunshine references to GO IN on the corporate cult of optimism. If you've ever felt pressure to be happy, if you suspect the rat race is rigged, if you're looking for other ways to live besides try, try again, I highly recommend this book. Queer theory can be dense AF but this is one of the most pleasurable theory reads I've encountered.
  9. Listening to Betty Wright's "Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do" and Les Paul and Mary Ford's "The Best Things In Life Are Free" back to back and getting mad at the world.
    I like listening to old songs and projecting bitter irony onto them that isn't there.
  10. 💌Writing letters and (so far) not sending them💌
    This is the result of a recent bout of internet skepticism. I've never written letters before so I made some arbitrary rules for what writing a letter should entail just to keep things interesting for myself. Every letter has to have a confession that wouldn't be said in any other mode of communication. No faffing around trying to be post-modern. But now I'm debating if sending them would ruin the experiment of writing them in the first place. I think kinda?
  11. Wittgenstein
    Just don't ask me what he's talking about. I haven't figured that part out yet.
  12. Restoration videos from fans of Star Wars who have made it their hobby to restore the 1977 film
    I like Star Wars, I loved it when I was little, but I'm not an obsessive fan. But honestly these videos are some HGTV worthy renovation porn. "This is the DVD, it has some gross CGI, no detail, but the colors are kinda right. This is the BluRay literally everything is fucked up. And thissssss is the restoration footage so pristine it's like you're IN 1977!" Every movie should have fans like this. Somebody point me to prints of Michelle Pfeiffer movies and I will become this person all on my own.
  13. Rooney Mara
    wtfiu girl
  14. This novelty phone charger my dad got me
    It's Christmas lights. At first I thought I'd never use it and now I can't sleep because it's too fun to look at.
  15. Refreshing the homepage for Metrograph NYC, the new art house cinema in the Lower East Side opening in March.
    Can we invite them to ListApp?
  16. Working for MTV
    oh hey 😏😘