1. Red dress fuck you
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  2. Green dress fuck you
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  3. "Oh you again. Fuck you."
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  4. The "I know you're drunk but what am I?" fuck you
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  5. The "my hat is worth more than your life" fuck you
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  6. The "oh are these emeralds tacky?" fuck you
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  7. The "is this photo retouched???" fuck you
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  8. The "fuck off so I can fuck David Bowie" fuck you
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  9. Candid fuck you
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  10. Mid shampoo fuck you
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  11. Babushka fuck you
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  12. On set promotional photo fuck you part 1
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  13. On set promotional photo fuck you part 2
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  14. "This one's for the poster?" fuck you
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  15. Smile for the camera now fuck you
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  16. The stand still and look like Janet Leigh fuck you
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  17. Gardenia fuck you
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  18. Trolling Richard Avedon volume one
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  19. Trolling Richard Avedon volume two
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  20. Two time Oscar winner on a soap opera fuck you
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  21. The "oh I'm sixty five, bald, with a huge scar from brain surgery and you want a profile shot? Hahahahahaha ok!" fuck you
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  22. "Suddenly Last Fuck You"
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    Suggested by @mwepper
  23. Flinstone fuck you
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    Suggested by @mwepper
  24. White Diamonds fuck you
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    Suggested by @mwepper