The Most Profound Elizabeth Taylor Fuck You Faces

  1. Red dress fuck you
  2. Green dress fuck you
  3. "Oh you again. Fuck you."
  4. The "I know you're drunk but what am I?" fuck you
  5. The "my hat is worth more than your life" fuck you
  6. The "oh are these emeralds tacky?" fuck you
  7. The "is this photo retouched???" fuck you
  8. The "fuck off so I can fuck David Bowie" fuck you
  9. Candid fuck you
  10. Mid shampoo fuck you
  11. Babushka fuck you
  12. On set promotional photo fuck you part 1
  13. On set promotional photo fuck you part 2
  14. "This one's for the poster?" fuck you
  15. Smile for the camera now fuck you
  16. The stand still and look like Janet Leigh fuck you
  17. Gardenia fuck you
  18. Trolling Richard Avedon volume one
  19. Trolling Richard Avedon volume two
  20. Two time Oscar winner on a soap opera fuck you
  21. The "oh I'm sixty five, bald, with a huge scar from brain surgery and you want a profile shot? Hahahahahaha ok!" fuck you
  22. "Suddenly Last Fuck You"
    Suggested by   @mwepper
  23. Flinstone fuck you
    Suggested by   @mwepper
  24. White Diamonds fuck you
    Suggested by   @mwepper