Some anxiety about this too, but I'm down to accentuate the positive 👏
  1. More POC!
    I love y'all on ListApp but I'm withholding a lot of bacalao and Beyoncé lists that deserve to see the light of day.
  2. 🌇 More NYC people 🌇
    The strong LA presence on ListApp seems so homey! Hopefully as things expand the NYC contingent gets tight too.
  3. The opportunity to feel very VIP, having been part of something so early in its inception 😎
    Already feel cool about this, but it'll be even cooler as more new people become a part of the app.
  4. Recommendations from new cities
    Eyes peeled for the first person to post Southern barbecue recs. 👀
  5. The arrival of the Pinterest hair ladies 💇
    Ok show me those braids STEP BY STEP.