Can regular people "go bankrupt" or is that word only for Wheel Of Fortune and Wall Street?
  1. Google Play
    I paid $4 for a two day rental of Grease 2 this week. I'm a disaster.
  2. Grubhub
    I love cooking but sushi is so tasty 😭
  3. Buying clothes in bulk instead of one item at a time
    This makes shopping last longer. And I'm gonna go broke.
  4. Mac's faulty ass computer chargers
    I'm on my fifth charger. They cost $80. One of us has gotta be doing something wrong here.
  5. Criterion Collection flash sales
    Girl. 50% off a $40 DVD is not a steal, stop it.
  6. Moving to New York without any kind of job security
    This I feel surprisingly ok about. Has to be true for like 40% of New Yorkers.