Pennsylvania advice from me to you ☔️
  1. Complain
    This is *the* classic Pennsylvania pastime. Things aren't sunny? Perfect! This is your ultimate opportunity to endear yourself to locals. Keep it friendly and complain to your heart's content, and you'll have found yourself a new home.
  2. Eat
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    Food in Philly is amazing, no matter what your price point. Go for a cheesesteak (the cheaper the better, the one in the picture is from Sonny's) or head to the area around Penn's Landing for fancier fare, but either way eating your feelings is the best bet for a good bad day in PA.
  3. Drink
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    Drinking goes hand in hand with complaining and eating, so it's only natural that the bar scene in Philadelphia is happening. Dive bar game is especially on point.
  4. Walk around
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    So long as it's not blizzard or monsoon weather, Philadelphia is a joy to walk through and walking is freeeeeeee. The old town is well preserved, there's an A+ mural program that has turned the streets into a walking tour of art, and so long as you steer clear of Penn's Landing, Philadelphia doesn't feel sanitized the way most major cities do.
  5. Please Touch Museum
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    Aw man, this place is so great. It's an interactive children's museum that's designed to get kids excited about history and science and culture through play. If you have kids, this is the best place in Philly to take them.
  6. The Philadelphia Art Museum
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    It's very Pennsylvania that the most iconic image of the art museum is of a guy running up the steps and not going in, but the Philadelphia Art Museum is amazing. The building itself is a work of art, the standing collection is impressive, and their rotating exhibits are consistently excellent, like the one showcased they're showcasing now of black American artists.
  7. The Rodin Museum
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    If your approach to a bad day is to make one with your bad karma, then the Rodin Museum offers a choice opportunity for pettiness. Watch the 1989 film Camille Claudel in the morning, and visit the Rodin Museum in the afternoon, where you can pooh pooh his genius in person. (Both the museum and the art itself are actually gorgeous, just in case you're not chill like I am with sippin on the haterade.)
  8. Mütter Museum
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    Maybe the coolest museum in Philly, the Mütter Museum is basically a collection of medical oddities, aka all the weird shit that has gone wrong in human design. If you've ever wanted to see a corpse that naturally turned into soap, this is the place to go. (Confession: I've never been because I'm a baby, and science freaks me out.)
  9. Attend a Philadelphia School District School Reform Meeting
    Ok, this is not a tourist site, so take this suggestion more in spirit. Take an interest in your community. Go to meetings. Vote in local elections. Pennsylvania has the biggest gap in spending between rich school districts and poor districts so it's especially relevant, but every city would be better off with a little less indifference.